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Real-time presentations with dynamic slides. Create a presentation once, and it updates everywhere instantaneously. With Projeqt, students can access, share, create and review their work from anywhere, at anytime. Give comments and feedback and track student progress; your Projeqts live in real-time and can be shared for everyone to see. Break away from the exhausting effects of the one-dimensional PowerPoint presentation and create a social and interactive learning experience.
Encourage creativity in the classroom. Projeqt gives teachers and students an online learning tool to express their creativity, knowledge and skills in the classroom. Using the vast bank of resources available to them on the Internet, Projeqt lets students use the information they’ve found online and compliment it with things they’ve created themselves. They are able to pull in live blog feeds and tweets, insert an interactive map, or link to an online quiz. Projeqt makes it easy for students to be creative by tapping into the best of the web.
Create engaging presentations with the user-friendly dashboard. Using the simple and intuitive platform, Projeqt gives you the tools to easily create dynamic presentations. Upload your old PowerPoint and PDF documents, batch upload many image files at once, or create a presentation from scratch in just minutes. Learn Projeqt with ease using our simple tutorials. Whether you’re an elementary school student, or a college professor; anyone can do it.
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