Give your stories a heartbeat.

With Projeqt, your presentations never remain static. Grab your old dusty presentations, or create one from scratch with our user-friendly dashboard, and let your stories free. By pulling live tweets or blog feeds, inserting an interactive map, adding audio notes or simply streaming videos that you've found on the web - they can all live in real-time and be shared for everyone to see. Let your presentations be as dynamic as you are.

Pull in feeds and create shortcuts to your favorite services.


Infinite layered storytelling

Creating layers makes a story richer. The most interesting ones
tend to go off-track, maybe go down a few levels and unveil
new connections for the reader. With Stacks you now have the room to explore and take deeper dives with your presentations.
Link together and connect as many presentations as you like.


Your story on all screens

Projeqt is device-agnostic and works on any modern-day browser. What this means is that you can start viewing your presentation on a laptop or desktop, take it to a mobile phone and finish it on a tablet. Projeqt instinctively optimizes your presentation.

Brainpickers Projeqt


Have a few presentations that could use a bit of life? With Projeqt you can easily upload and convert a PowerPoint, PDF document or batch upload many image files at once to create a Projeqt in minutes. Add some dynamic slides in between and you're good to go. Upload document, add Pulse and Share.


What's the point of making a slick presentation if people can't see or share it? Projeqt offers two convenient sizes to help make your stories sticky and portable. We also have a very nice Facebook app in the works.Create your Projeqt once and have it update everywhere, instantaneously.


The Dashboard is simple and intuitive. In fact, you have probably done most of the legwork already. Not only is it easy to bring in content, but it's just as easy to move and drag things around. Just turn on each slide, and it's published for everyone to see. Made for humans. No coding or robots required.

projeqt examples

John Weiss

Currently Executive Creative Director at WebMD, with 13 years experience in interactive and experience design.

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British Red Cross

One year on, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has supported millions of people across the horn of Africa.

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Lee Clow's Beard

For four decades, Lee Clow has created and shepherded the kind of advertising ideas that move businesses and move us emotionally. leeclowsbeard is the first compendium of the thinking that drives and has driven the most influential creator in the advertising business.

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The Seven Days Project

From February 2nd to February 9th, 2012, Sean Renner had 7 Days to write and record a new album. Prior to the 7 Days, from January 1st - January 31st, 2012, listeners, family, and friends sent sounds from anywhere, of anything. During the 7 Days, all of the sounds were incorporated into the project.

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