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Projeqt Com - Use This To Present Your Slides Creatively


A SXSW Interactive Award in the category of Educational Resource has been bestowed uponProjeqt com, a cloud-based dynamic presentation tool. Many users from the educationsector, including students and teaching personnel, have signed up to utilize Projeqtcom.

These users come from institutions ranging from elementary schools to universities and distant learning programs.

What Is Projeqt Com?

Projeqt com starting and sharing content
Projeqt com starting and sharing content

Projeqt com is a presentation tool that enables users to combine stuff from the web with their own content in order to create visual stories about the things in their lives that they find most interesting.

You may weave together photographs, movies, and text using Projeqt com to produce a visual narrative of your own making. You are free to connect together either content that you have uploaded yourself or stuff that you have discovered elsewhere on the internet.

With the help of Projeqt com, you are able to combine your own content with that found on the internet to produce visual stories about the things that most interest you.

You may weave together photographs, movies, and text using Projeqt com to produce a visual narrative of your own making. You are free to connect together either content that you have uploaded yourself or stuff that you have discovered elsewhere on the internet.

History Of Projeqt Com

Projeqt com is an innovative platform for the creation of narratives. Distribution is the most important consideration for writers working in digital formats.

Projeqt com is a tool for non-linear storytelling that allows authors to build stories that stream together on their computers using various media such as Flickr photographs, RSS feeds, emails, and photos from YouTube or Vimeo.

The creative director and co-founder of TBWA, David Lee, had been tasked with the responsibility of redesigning the company's website in order to better show the work of TBWA's customers and to do so in a flash-free manner that would work on any computer.

This led to the unintentional launch of the website. After that, Projeqt com was developed as a platform-agnostic tool for the building of TBWA sites, and it eventually became the organization's primary system.

Today, Projeqt com is a private beta startup with two essential features for the artistic community: a straightforward portfolio site for artists to show their work, and a display resource for companies and brands. Both of these features are geared toward the artistic community.

You Can Use Projeqt Com In The Classroom

Projeqt com sample presentations
Projeqt com sample presentations

The slideshows have a linear structure, which makes them suitable for presentations in the form of timelines. Some examples of such presentations include biographical studies, step-by-step descriptions of scientific experiments, and historical events.

Slideshows can also be composed of stacks of slides displaying many categories, such as the seasons, geometric features in our environment, biomes, landscapes, and literary genres. This type of presentation is known as a "slide stack."

This Web 2.0 tool would be a wonderful method to examine current events and pull in the most recent newsthrough the use of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, provided that your institution permits access to these social media platforms.

  • Teachers- This website can be utilized as an alternative to the standard PowerPoint presentation in order to lead a class through a lesson or to introduce a new subject. When a slideshow is uploaded by the instructor to the class website and embedded there, the students will have the opportunity to view it at a later time for review purposes.
  • Students- Students will be engaged and motivated to share their research, and artwork, and create electronic portfolios of their classwork in any subject area thanks to the multiple multi-media options that are available on this website and the ease with which information may be organized.

People Also Ask

What Is Projeqt Com Tool?

Project com is a digital storytelling tool that can be used in many different ways. It has a lot of exciting potential for K - 12 classrooms. Teachers and students can use this site as a Web 2.0 tool to help them teach and learn how to make presentations that are visually interesting. It is a useful tool for teachers who want to teach 21st-century skills and meet Common Core Standards.

Is Projeqt Com A Way Of Telling Stories Online?

This Web 2.0 tool for teaching digital storytelling can improve communication skills and encourage creativity by having students make slideshows on the site.

Is Projeqt Com Available?

Even though projeqt com is still in beta and only available to people who have been invited, we have a small number of invites for our newsletter subscribers.


Images, videos, hyperlinks, interactive maps, documents (PowerPoint and PDF), videos, music, and more can all be added to a Projeqt com. The finished product can be sent by email or put on your blog or another website.

You can change how your slideshow looks and feels by changing the fonts, background color, and body color. The slideshows can be seen on the whole screen or in small squares.

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