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What Is Projeqt? Putting A Presentation Together


Honoree of the 2013 Webby Awards, a web application is worth a second look. Do you know what is Projectq? Projectq walked the red carpet to get two nominations: Best User Experience and Web Services and Applications.

So, it doesn't seem right to say right away that this article is an alternative to PowerPoint. It would be better to call it a creative tool for telling stories, which is how the app sees itself.

In the past few years, a lot has been said about the future of publishing and web content. People throw around terms like "transmedia storytelling" and "cross-platform publishing" like giant balls of cotton candy, which are tasty and fluffy but don't mean much in the end.

And while some platforms have made it possible for publishers and visual artists to tell multi-media stories, none of them offer a truly complete package like Projeqt.

What Is Projectq?

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Projeqt list in creating new presentation
Projeqt list in creating new presentation

In other words, Projeqt is a creative polyglot that invites you to tell your story in whatever creative language you choose.

It's easy to use, intuitive, and highly social, and it plays nicely with other platforms by letting you combine text, image, video, and feeds within the same projeqt.

Line, grid, and full-screen views can be switched between with ease in the reading experience. The sharing and repetition of great stories never end. We constantly want more from great stories.

You can convey your tale using the technology and tools provided by Projeqt. It offers a solid architecture with hitherto unheard-of capabilities.

You may combine all of these personas into one seamless portfolio if you're a cross-media creative who writes, designs, takes photos, and has a sizable Twitter following. If you're a teacher, you can utilize it to save your studies in style.

You can set together digital exhibitions centered around particular subjects if you are a content curator. In fact, we've put up a thematic projeqt about data visualization so you can see how it all works and get a sense of projeqt's possibilities.

Although projeqt is presently in beta and invite-only, we've obtained a small number of invites specifically for readers of our newsletter. To request one, sign up for our free weekly newsletter if you haven't already, then send us an email with "projeqt" in the subject line.

What Can You Do On Projeqt?

Projeqt Dynamic Presentations for a Realtime World

Users of Project can rebuild previous presentations or develop new ones from scratch. They can incorporate a variety of various aspects into their presentations by pulling tweets, blog feeds, and streaming videos.

A user can create a collection, or mini book, of photos inside a project using stacks if a presentation contains a lot of images.

To arrange numerous images for a certain component of the project, stacks can be added to a presentation. Additionally, users can change devices without ever compromising the quality of their presentation.

Users can begin viewing a project on an iPhone, switch to an iPad, and end on a Macbook without ever sacrificing quality after the presentation is finished.

As a result, giving a presentation is flexible and portable, enabling it to be brought from a business meeting to a business dinner if necessary. While a presentation is being shown by the teacher for that class session, students can follow along on their own laptops or gadgets.

Project alters the way that teachers and students present material in a classroom. By include graphics, videos, and content from social media, presentations can advance technologically, just as so many other facets of life are doing.

Projeqt As Classroom Resource

Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS Writing Standard emphasizes the importance of both mini-research projects and more in-depth research projects.

Students have a fantastic platform to share the fresh information they have learned from their research on this website. Presenting core ideas with supplementary details and thoughts using the various multi-media possibilities is made easier by leveraging the site's capability of "stacking" slides.

The CCSS Speaking and Listening Standard objectives can be met by incorporating this tool into a lesson plan for the classroom. Students watch the presentation while paying attention and thereafter take part in a casual discussion.

Students can learn new words while listening to a presentation and seeing a slide show. They can exhibit the proper use of specialized vocabulary acquired in a content area by presenting them themselves.

A crucial component of the CCSS Language Standard is the acquisition and application of domain-specific vocabulary.

People Also Ask

Is Projeqt A Presentation Tool?

With the presentation tool Projeqt, you can combine your own content with web content to make visual narratives about the things you love. Using Projeqt, you can link together images, videos, and text to create a visual tale. The content you link together can be either stuff you have uploaded or content you have discovered online.

Can I Use Projeqt In Classroom?

There is a website that produces presentations for class projects that are far superior to standard PowerPoints and slideshows. Projeqt is an online application that assists users in reevaluating everything they previously believed to be true about creating presentations.

Is Projeqt Worth Using?

Yes, it's worthwhile to use. The digital storytelling tool Projeqt has a variety of fascinating applications for K–12 classrooms. This website serves as a web 2.0 teaching and learning resource for developing visually appealing presentations for both teachers and students.


Create dynamic slides with interactive maps, links, online quizzes, Twitter timelines, and movies with the help of Projeqt, a program that facilitates the development of multimedia presentations.

Professors can now show students academic presentations in class that has been formatted to look good on a variety of screens. Now you know what is projeqt and you can add it to your classroom resources.

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