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Does Projeqt Have Interactive Images? Keep Your Audience Interested


Use Projeqt to make presentations that are rich, and dynamic, and make use of the best of the web. Does projeqt have interactive images? Add a heartbeat to your story by adding dynamic feeds and telling layered, stacked stories.

Projeqt works on all screens and is compatible with the most recent web services. An online application that is a 2013 Webby Awards Honoree deserves a second look. Projeqt walked the red carpet with two nominations: Best User Experience and Web Services and Applications.

So it seems inappropriate to begin this essay by stating that it is a PowerPoint replacement. It would be more accurate to define it as a creative narrative tool, as the application perceives itself.

The process of generating attractive presentations becomes more intuitive and dynamic with Projeqt. Best of all, it is compatible with all screens (mobile and browser) and platforms. Let's see how it goes about it.

Know More About Projeqt

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Projeqt presentation examples
Projeqt presentation examples

With the debut of projeqt, there is renewed hope for the creation of a platform that can accomplish everything and more. It's been dubbed a "creative storytelling platform" and has been compared to Tumblr, Slideshare, and Cargo Collective.

However, it's more versatile than Tumblr, has a cleaner interface than Slideshare, and spans more media than Cargo Collective.

And as if that wasn't enough of a perk, it's also device-agnostic built entirely in HTML5 for cross-platform compatibility and specifically optimized for iPad and iPhone, projeqt is part publishing CMS, part portfolio-builder, and part something else entirely. Specifically, it's optimized for iPad and iPhones.

You are able to embed your Vimeo uploads, post photos from your Flickr stream, import your blog's RSS feed, and even tweets using Projeqt because it is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and highly social platform that plays well with other platforms.

In other words, Projeqt is a creative polyglot that invites you to tell your story, regardless of the creative language in which it may be expressed.

We can't tear our eyes away from the page as long as the story is good. Or the display device. Great stories get shared and are retold again after time after time. We are always left wanting more when we reach the end of a great story.

You can tell your tale using the tools and technology that are provided to you by Projeqt. It gives a solid design, in addition to an unprecedented degree of flexibility and opportunities."

You are able to pull all of these different personas into one cohesive portfolio if you are the type of creative who works in multiple mediums, such as writing, designing, doing photography, and having a strong presence on Twitter.

If you are a teacher, you can utilize it as a sophisticated storage solution for your students' study. If you are a content curator, you have the ability to organize digital exhibitions centered on a variety of subjects.

In point of fact, so that you may receive a first-hand experience with the capabilities of projeqt, we have created a thematic projeqt about data visualization; take a look at it to see how everything operates.

Even though projeqt is currently in beta and invite-only, we have secured a limited number of invites for our newsletter readers. If you would like to request one of these invites, first subscribe to our free weekly newsletter if you haven't already, and then send us an email with the subject line "projeqt."

Does Projeqt Have Interactive Images?

Projeqt logo
Projeqt logo

You can create your Projeqt presentation in two distinct methods. Using the available content kinds, you can make sequential slides or stacks of slides that go together. Individualization is possible for each slide.

The options for expression are unbounded. In just a few short minutes, you may combine content from a variety of sources to create interactive images and presentations. It all comes down to the medium you choose and how you stack them to tell your message.

If you lack the visual design skills required to use PowerPoint, you will not be at a disadvantage when using Prezi.

  • Dynamic content: Adding dynamic, real-time information from all of your preferred providers gives you the freedom to craft engaging presentations from scratch. Flickr photos, Google Maps, Twitter feeds, Instagram photos, blog posts, Vimeo and YouTube videos, and a few others can all be incorporated.
  • Stacks: Projeqt's stacks are a radical departure from the concept of "conventional" slides. You can go deeper into a certain topic of your presentation by stacking related information (or dynamic slides) together. Using stacks, you may connect various presentations and make them appear as if they were one.

People Also Ask

What Is Projeqt?

The cloud-based creative storytelling platform Projeqt was developed as a tool for cross-platform web publishing. It offers a solid architecture with previously unheard-of capabilities and flexibility. Your presentations never stay static with Projeqt.

Your presentation can live in real-time and be shared effortlessly by pulling live tweets or blog feeds, integrating an interactive map, adding audio notes, or simply streaming videos.

When Was Projeqt Launched?

Early in 2011, Projeqt entered private beta and was recognized as a Mashable "Spark of Genius." Since the service's public launch in the fall of 2011, the number of users has significantly increased, doubling over the past three months.

Can I Make Interactive Presentation On Projeqt?

A web-based programming platform called Projeqt enables the creation of interesting interactive content. Projeqt offers free online storytelling tools that will captivate your audience and wow them with inventive formats.


The program's two best features are the lack of a learning curve and the real-time dashboard. When more and more of us are using mobile devices, the automated responsiveness of the design across devices is always a bonus.

Additionally, by using it as an online gallery, creatives like photographers and designers may simply display their work. By using Project, you may create engaging interactive images and presentations.

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